The joys of public transportation

Well, it’s at least funny afterwards… You see, often when I embark on a journey somewhere, something weird will happen to be. Doesn’t matter if it’s on a bus, train, flight or what have we – things will get weird!

Since it’s Fun Friday, I will share a couple of my stories with you, but I want something in return! What are the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you while taking public transport?

On a long-haul flight from Istanbul to Bangkok I had the ‘pleasure’ of sitting next to a very persistent young man. I had been really lucky, was seated by an emergency exit so I had lots of leg room with no one sitting next to me! I was starting to mentally cheer right around takeoff until I noticed this guy sitting further in front who kept turning around, eyeing the free seat. Of course, as soon as the fasten seat belt sign was switched off, he moved to the seat next to me.

We started talking a few hours into the flight when the man seated directly behind me got really ill, and the flight attendants were frantically trying to handle the situation (spoiler alert: the man was fine in the end but my flight wasn’t). To try to calm me down, I’m guessing, when the situation was at its worst and they were clearing out some people and looking for a doctor, the guy took my hand. I felt that was super unnecessary, so I firmly pulled my hand back after a few moments in order to signal I was fine. Thanks, but no thanks. Oh, but it didn’t stop there! For the next hours the guy got more and more clingy, starting with constantly grabbing my hand even though I shook it off immediately, and moving on to pulling out one of me earphones in order to use it so we could watch the movies and TV-shows I was watching on my screen TOGETHER! What, did we suddenly become a couple?! By that time I was freaked out and tired as hell as this was not my first flight of the day. I decided to ignore him further and gave up on the in-flight entertainment in order to get some rest. Didn’t take long after closing my eyes before he kissed me on my cheek. WHAT?! That is just not OK (none of it was) but he didn’t listen to any reason. I told him every time he did something to me, that I was not having it. I batted him away with more and more force, but nothing helped. Meanwhile I was exhausted and the plane seemed full, so I felt it was a hopeless situation. Then he also tried feeling me up under my blanket by sliding his hand down my thigh and also tried zipping down my hoodie. That was of course not happening, so I stood up, yelled at him (no one noticed as most people were sleeping and the plane was noisy) and at the very end I called a steward over in order to tell him the guy was bothering me and that I would like to switch seats. He told me to go ahead so I found a free seat at the back of the plane next to a much nicer man who actually gave me some nice tips on bus travel in Thailand which is where my next story takes place.

As a side note I would just like to say that yes, I should have contacted the staff sooner but I usually want to handle things on my own and thought I was dealing with a normal human being. I also think it was ridicoulous that I was the one having to move as he was not even in his appointed seat! The story ends with the creepy guy walking up to me at baggage claim going “hey, sorry about all that. Can I have your Facebook?”.

Few days later when I was on the sleeper bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, I had another one of my public transport experiences. First class trains in Thailand are FREEZING cold so I was trying to get some sleep on the 10 hour-long journey. Dressed in jeans, T-shirt and a hoodie and covered with a blanket, I thought I’d be alright. But many hours later I was completely frozen and nowhere near getting any sleep. I must have finally dozed off, because I woke up seeing a shadow of a person standing right next to me. The person walked away, I was freaked out and quickly checked my stuff but everything was fine. While trying to understand what had just happened I realized I now had two blankets! Some stranger must have seen me shivering and put another blanket on top of mine. I find that sweet and disturbing all at the same time, but it helped a bit with getting warm so I napped for a tiny bit more just to have the same thing happening all over again! By the end of my journey I had around four blankets and the kind stranger got off the bus before me so I never got to see his face.

2 responses to “The joys of public transportation

  1. SO bizarre! I have actually heard about guys bothering women and girls on airplanes (worse than your story, usually with very young girls), and I was truly appalled! Sorry you had to deal with this – how awful.


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