Top 5 fastfood joints in Dortmund

Forget all about currywurst (if you can… it’s everywhere!). I’ll give you my top five of the best fastfood joints in Dortmund, because whenever I leave a place the food is one of the main things I’ll miss and what I remember a city by. Am I the only one to feel this way? ­čśŤ I have to say, Dortmund is definitely not my favorite city to eat in, but there are a few places where I really enjoy digging into the dishes:

1. Food Brother

Located at Kleine Beurhausstra├če 20 and Gerberstra├če 1
Everyone loves a good burger, and these burgers will keep you coming back for more! The concept is simple: choose your burger (beef or falafel patty and plenty of options ranging from the classic burgers to a nacho burger with guacamole, jalapenos and, of course, nachos), choose your fries (the normal kind or sweet potatos) and choose your drink (you have to try a Fritz-Kola with the motto “Viel Viel Kaffein” meaning “So much caffein”)

2. L’Osteria

Located at Friedenspl. 8
Okay, so it’s not Dortmund-specific. Not that Food Brother is! But ooooh the pizzas are huge! The restaurant is usually packed, so you might not be able to call it fast food because it could take a while. All worth it, though! Tip: You should really order a whole pizza just for yourself, it’s an experience ­čśë And you can always bring home the leftovers in a doggybag. Also, you can choose half and half, so if it’s too difficult to decide, you get to try two kinds!

3. Kartoffel-Lord

Located at Gerberstra├če 1
Yes, the lord of potatoes… Hmm… Well, besides currywurst, Germans also looooove potatoes! And in this (veggie) fastfood joint, you can enjoy huge baked potatoes with various fillings such as chili beans, sour cream, soy meat, and many more. I quite like their falafel plates served with a simple salad and rice or fries. I see many vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike coming here, most of them enjoying potatoes or falafel. The place also serves sandwiches and other delicious veggie things.

4. Kartoffel Pott

Located at Kaiserstra├če 21-23
Well what do you know, another potato place! This one REALLY specializes in potatoes and the mashed kind at that. Basically you get some freshly mashed potatoes and choose a sauce with different toppings such as vegetables and/or meats. A heavy meal, but oh so German – with different international twists! I tried a green Thai curry version, which was nice, but also

5. Sal├Ądchen

Located at Viktoriastra├če 10
Dortmund is not really a health place, but if you’re looking for a lighter option, this is a good place to go! You can compose a salad just to your liking – with or without pasta, buy a hot bowl of soup or a healthy wrap.

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