11 Best Unusual Gifts from Slovakia: Which One Would You Get?

I have met many travellers in Slovakia who were looking for an unusual souvenir or a gift they could bring back home. It gave me an idea to put together a list of souvenirs typical for Slovakia and are hardly to be found in any other country. So take your pick and let me know which one would you choose! And if you need even more ideas for an inspiration, check out my next post.

1. Corn Husk Dolls

During the second half of the 20th century, the production of corn husk dolls had developed and turned into a traditional industry.  The basic motive of Slovak rural life is usually used as an inspiration when creating the dolls.

Corn Husk Doll from www.sashe.sk

Corn Husk Doll from http://www.sashe.sk

2. Rapkáč

A very old, traditional Slovak tool made from wood. In the past it was used to call people to church one week before Easter when it was not allowed to use the church bell. Nowadays, Slovaks love to bring it to the sport events to root for their favourite teams. Watch out – it’s extremely loud!


3. TatraTea (or Tatranský čaj)

Tatratea is a tea-based herbal liquer originated in the High Tatra Mountains.  It is a liqueur range that offers six different flavours which also differs in alcohol volume. The strongest one is Tatratea Outlaw 72% , yet it has the same composition as the 52% but with less sugar and more alcohol in it. Learn more about Tatra Tea here.


4. Valaška

A shepherd’s axe is an axe that has been used used by shepherds for the past centuries, especially in Slovakia. Today, it is  mostly used as a decoration or as a prop in traditional dances, such as odzemok.

5. Mead Wine (or Medovina)

Mead wine is one of the greatest drinks in Slovakia and it also belongs among the best in the world. It can be served chilled as an aperitif or heated to warm you up in the winter. It’s primarily made of honey and it goes hand in hand with the longtime tradition of beekeeping in Slovakia. Try mead wine made by APIMED, one of the most popular mead wines in Slovakia.

Medovina (Honey wine)

6. Fujara

Fujara is a long, deep-bass folk flute of Slovak shepherds. Traditionally, it is a hand-made instrument from wood of deciduous trees (elder, maple, locust tree), and it takes up to one month to build a Fujara from a seasoned piece of upland wood.

7. Slivovica

Traditional Slovak distilled alcoholic beverage made of fermented plums. Na zdravie! Cheers!

8. Kaltenecker beer

Kaltenecker brewery currently produces over 20 kinds of beer per year and uses its own original recipes for the beer production.  The magic happens in a small town called Rožňava where the beer brewing tradition dates back to 17th century. Check out its official website but watch out – it is only in available in Slovak!

9. Shot Glass (or Pijacka poharik)

Traditional glass, usually used for fruit spirits. The glass is covered in leather and you can wear it around your neck so it is impossible to loose it.


10. Easter Eggs (or Veľkonočné Kraslice)

Kraslice (painted eggs) are an important part of Easter traditions in Slovakia and are a must as a home decoration during the Eastern holidays.

Kraslice – Eastern Decorative eggs from http://www.sashe.sk

11. Chocolate

If you have never associated Slovakia with good chocolate, let me set things straight. We do not have only good chocolate but we have fantastic chocolate! A newcomer on the market is known as LYRA Chocolate and is also a winner of Great Taste Awards 2014, an acknowledged benchmark for speciality food.

If you are looking for more inspiration, check out websites Valachshop and Sashe where you can find even more products typical for Slovakia. Happy souvenir shopping!

4 responses to “11 Best Unusual Gifts from Slovakia: Which One Would You Get?

  1. The Viking and I would probably get the Shepherd’s Axe because The Viking has a thing for Axes. Usually battle axes but he’s not picky and even a Shepherd’s Axe will work in a pinch.


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