How to Travel in Europe on a Tight Budget: Transportation

Few weeks ago, my Aussie friend came to Europe and asked me a lot of questions like what’s the cheapest way to get from A to B, what type of accommodation is reasonably priced  or how to get the most out her visit of each place without spending too much money.  I did a little bit of a research, combined it with my own experiences and my new blog post was born. I found out few ways which can help you to get the most out of your Europe trip, save a euro or two and have fun with locals, all in one. It requires you to have a bit of an adventurous and open-minded nature and you’re all set for an unforgettable trip.

Let’s start with the transportation because it usually takes the biggest bite of your travel money. Keep in mind that Europe is not that big so you can manage to move around without flying, especially if you’re not pressed for time. A great mode of transportation is a train or a bus because it goes easy on your wallet, it’s a greener way of traveling and you don’t have to go through all the airport hassle.  Oh and one more thing – trains and buses are usually more generous with your luggage allowance so there is one thing less to worry about.

If you’re lucky enough to be under 26, you can look for a Interrail pass which offers great discounts for students or youth travelers. There are several pass options, you only need to figure out what is the one that suits you the most. There are other train companies as well which you can also check out because they might fit your plans better, such as EURail, Trainline or RailEurope. It all depends on your plans!

Another way how to get to different places in Europe is to use a bus. There are several bus companies that will get you almost anywhere. One of my favourites is StudentAgency which operates on several routes across Europe, the prices are very affordable, it has onboard entertainment and you get a hot drink on the house. What’s more to ask for? You can also check out Eurolines which offers a variety of destinations  with a possibility to buy a pass with discounts for youth.  And don’t forget, if you want to travel within a country, you can always google a local bus company or get more ideas here.

For the more adventurous travelers,  there is a Carpooling site which connects people who want to share a ride, save money on gas or meet new people. Simply create your profile and choose your perfect ride based on the user’s profiles. You can also check out Karzoo carpool, Ridefinder or join a CarpoolEurope group on Facebook. There are also many local carpooling site, you just need to keep digging!

And the last but not the least, let’s not forget the cheapest mode of transportation – hitchhiking. It’s quite common and relatively safe thing to do in Europe.  Before you hit the road though, prepare and read advice from other hitchhikers on Hitchwiki. And remember, stay safe!

So I hope this post helps you find good alternatives to flying, save you a few bucks and help you meet new people! If you have more tips on how to travel on budget in Europe, share with us! And definitely stay tuned for next posts on budget accommodation and getting to know the destination without paying for expensive tours.  Happy traveling!


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